We have various woven size-marker labels in stock, from simple (XS, S, M, L, XL) sizes to women’s clothing sizes. We sell our woven size marker labels in rolls with a black base color with white writing, and vice versa on taft base. 1000 pcs / rolls












We have years of experience in making woven labels, and we are at your disposal for custom label orders starting with a minimum order of 1.000 pieces. For the less quantities we have to conciliate with the factory, but generally we can solve the quantities below 1000 pieces. Woven labels can be made from several different materials, and a variety of sizes and colors (pantone color number needed).




Taffeta label:

This kind of label has the cheapest price. The material is thin taft. Only the title is woven, the base color is not. The waving density is low, so the title is a bit pixelled.






Low density satin label:

Basically it is thicker, than taffeta, but the base has a shiny surface. The weave also has some irregularities.






Normal density satin label:

This label has a matte surface. It is the most common label-type and it's value for money is excellent. Even the small (2.5mm - 3mm height) subtitles are easily-read and the graphics are more attractive.





High density satin label:

This is the best material that is available on the market. It is made with a special thin thread to provide the smoothest surface. It has a much higher density than the normal-density satin.






Finishing methods:

Heat-cut design:

Generally, it is used for labels on the outside of clothing. We don't recommend it for neck labels, because they are cut in a way that leaves the edges sharp.






Ends backfolded:

We recommend this method for neck labels, because the ends of the label are not heat-cutted, but folded under the label. This results the label's ends to be smoother, making it much less irritating for the wearer.





Folded in half:

The label is folded in half at it's middle. This method is commonly used for pocket- and sidelabels.






Laser-cut design:

We can make any shape according to our customer's needs. Woven patches are most commonly cutted with this method.


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